Use Microsoft Forms to request Windows 11 upgrade

Let people within your organization decide if they want to receive the upgrade to Windows 11. Use Microsoft Forms together with Azure Logic Apps and Azure Automation Accounts to make Microsoft Intune managed Windows 10 workplaces eligible for Windows 11 upgrade.


Harvest Windows 365 Cloud PC’s based on days not used

People are using Windows 365 Cloud PC’s for all kinds of reasons. In some cases it’s only used for a period of time, but the licenses are still allocated to users. Before you know all Windows 365 Cloud PC licenses within your organization are in use and you have a hard time to figure out […]


Import or remove Windows Autopilot devices based on specific criteria

Enrolling a device with Windows Autopilot requires it to be imported in Microsoft Intune. The import can be done by either your applicable vendor or by your IT department by using a CSV file containing hardware hashes. The CSV file will be checked for invalid characters and bad hardware hashes to ensure a valid import. […]