Manage and deploy Intune scripts with Azure DevOps

Working with Intune scripts can be challenging when you need to know where the source file is located, determine latest version, who worked on it and what things were changed over time. That’s why I created a solution that will give you the possibility to manage and deploy Intune device and remediation scripts with Azure […]


Import or remove Windows Autopilot devices based on specific criteria

Enrolling a device with Windows Autopilot requires it to be imported in Microsoft Intune. The import can be done by either your applicable vendor or by your IT department by using a CSV file containing hardware hashes. The CSV file will be checked for invalid characters and bad hardware hashes to ensure a valid import. […]

Microsoft Endpoint Manager

Workshop: Microsoft Intune

When you work with Microsoft 365, you also have to deal with all kinds of clients, also called the Endpoints. These must be managed properly and securely. One way to manage those Endpoints is with Microsoft Endpoint Manager. Learn how Microsoft Endpoint Manager can help your organization in controlling company owned or bring-your-own-devices (BYOD).